FG New options for Leopard 2 and 4WD and Baja

FG-Giunto-leoUniversal joint for front axle Leo 4 Competition
With reinforced M8 connection thread. Solid universal joints made of hardened, high-quality steel for the front axle of the Leo 4 Competition. With ball drive and ball diff. axle. The model has a higher steering deflection and a smoother driving performance in curves if you mount this universal joint. Replaces universal joint 67275. For mounting you need additionally the self-locking wheel nuts M8 Item N°06115.

Aluminium chassis Leo 2 Competition 2013

Chassis 2013 made of high-quality aluminium for the Leopard 2 Competition. This chassis was modified according to new regulations since 2013 for national and international races. The port for the diff. gearwheel at the rear axle is no longer allowed.


FG-Carter-leo-BGearwheel protection Leo 2 a. Leo 4 Competition, hydr. brake set
Gearwheel protection made of transparent polycarbonate for Leo 2 and Leo 4 Competition, suitable for the alum. gear plate 67337 (Item 67346) and 01039 (Item 67345) with gear brake and gearwheels 38-48 teeth.
According to new regulations a gearwheel protection is necessary for taking part at national and international races since 2013.

Rear aluminium damper plate Baja WB535

Milled damper plate made of high-quality aluminium suitable for all Baja WB535 models.
Applicable instead of the standard plastic damper plate.

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