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Psyco Kruiser 1/8 4WD ReadySet
Kyosho-Psycho-01The Monster Trucks have a long tradition and are always by KYOSHO been a synonym for progressive technology and excellent performance. With the model Psycho Kruiser, KYOSHO has raised the standards further introducing a new level of quality and performance in the category
READYSET monster. In addition to the radio in Syncro 2.4GHz, the Psycho Kruiser is
out for the brushless motor produced by Team Orion and the Kyosho-Psycho-02box LIPO battery suitable for up to 6 cells. That’s Psycho Kruiser is the perfect model for pilots who require sophisticated technique and maximum performance at a great price sports. Due to the extremely low center of gravity to guide the behavior of
Psycho Kruiser is great.

Scorpion B-XXL VE 2WD EP 1/7

Kyosho-BXXL-01The new Kyosho Scorpion XXL combines the dynamic off-road performance craved by off-road racers with easy drivability of a XXL scale off-road machine. The slow, typically lazy response of current big scale models make it more difficult to find suitable locations to race them. Kyosho creates a whole new and exciting reality for large scale fans, delivering a machine that’s slightly more compact, but features the explosive performance and
lightning-quick reflexes of a finely-tuned racing machine. Kyosho-BXXL-02Completely new chassis design! The 3mm main chassis features a molded “perimeter” frame that results in rock-solid rigidity. In addition to providing superior suspension travel, the low shock mounting position of the front “gull” arms keeps the shocks as low as possible for maximum cornering speeds and exceptional stability over the roughest surfaces. This is complimented by a modern rear suspension typical of 1/10-scale race cars, strengthened to produce a robust suspension system for this big machine. The front suspension and steering geometry result in superior large-scale handling like never before.

Ultima RB6 2WD ReadySet 1/10
Kyosho-RB6-01Shortly after winning the 2013 Japan National Electric Off-Road Championship, the Kyosho ULTIMA RB6 claimed the 2WD Racing Buggy World Championship! This world champion chassis has been enhanced with easy control and handling in this Readyset. The black anodized Duralumin main chassis provides superior strength and durability in combination with the uniquely designed resin side guards to maintain rigidity in pitching direction while using flexibility for roll direction. In addition, increased height of Kyosho-RB6-02the chassis bottom under the rear unit limits contact as well as produces greater stability and control under a wide range of conditions. The inverted gull wing shape of the rear suspension arms realize progressive shock movement that makes it hard for the suspension to bottom out and utilizes the full range of suspension stroke to deliver secure road grip. The set is fully equipped to race with advanced setting parts such as 3-stage caster angle adjustment. At the center of the power train is a sensorless brushless motor that delivers more than enough power through the ESC specially designed for the RB6 that can be used with either Ni-MH or Li-Po batteries. A pre-cut and pre-painted body is also included in this fully pre-assembled Readyset that only requires a charged battery for the chassis and batteries for the transmitter to run. This world Champion machine is designed to be easy to drive and the Readyset delivers this in an unbeatable package.

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