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New XRAY XB8 Off-Road 1/8
Xray-XB8-CJuraj Hudy and the XRAY Engineering and Racing Teams have designed the all-new XB8 platform as a departure from the conventional off-road concept platform, and to reset the standards for performance, reliability & handling. From the all-new unique XRAY pivot ball suspension XPBS™, XRAY’s own Multi-Flex™ adjustment system, superior weight balance and weight distribution, through to the all-new big-bore high-efficiency shocks, the XB8 is the finest innovative engineering Xray-XB8-B Xray-XB8-Aideas transformed into a pure luxury race car.




X12’14 Side Spring
Xray-Side-SpringsSide springs for X12’14. The new side springs and spring caps feature a new straight design comparing to the previously used conical shape, to improve side traction and improve the handling of the car. The straight side springs have more consistent and smoother compression which results in a smoother out-of-corner exit as well as helping to prevent traction rolling. Set of 2.


T4 Graphite Lower Arm Plates
Xray-Arm-PlateOptional graphite lower arm plates easily change the hardness of the whole suspension. With the plates mounted, the arms are stiffer to make the car more stable and easier to drive under high-grip conditions. The plates can be easily mounted/dismounted using only 4 screws.
Front and rear 1,6 mm (L-R).


Brake Pad SLS (4)


New ultra-efficient brake pads from special slip-free material. Set of 4.


T4 Alu Top Deck Mount – Orange

Optional alu top deck mount improves forward and rear traction, making the car more stable and easier to drive under low-traction conditions. On-power push is increased. Recommended for low- and high-traction conditions. Orange color. Fits XRAY T4 cars in combination with 301197 top deck.


Alu Drive Shaft Safety Collar


Optional alu safety collars for CVD shafts ensure the mounting pin is securely contained. Black or orange color, laser engraved with XRAY logo. Set of 3. Black and orange.


Graphite Long Upper Deck
Xray-Long-Upper-DeckMachined from 2.0mm high-grade graphite, the optional 1-piece long top deck is recommended for high-traction carpet and astro conditions. The top deck reinforces the chassis assembly by connecting the front diff bulkhead with the central drive system, and provides a location for the body mount. The top deck captures the central drivetrain bearings and holds them in place in their supporting bulkheads.

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