REDS: The New REDS R5T Team Edition 2

R5TTE2-WREDS Racing is always developing high performance and low fuel consumption products. The latest engine developed is theTeam Edition 2. It is derived from the well-known R5T and used by most of REDS Team drivers such as Cody King, Daniel Vega, Alessandro Magi, Ignacio Candel, KazuyaTanaka and others.
The new Team Edition 2 is the most advanced of REDS off road engines line. The new engine is the 3rd step of development of R5T booster version.
The main features of Team Edition are: back-plate with low fiction hard coating RDC, rear ceramic ball bearing, special Team Tuning, sleeve with 5 inlet ports and exhaust with boosters, extremely lightweight only 348 g and balanced cranckshaft.

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